Welcome to BCC Community Connect 2021

September 22-23, 2021

An engaging virtual experience where business meets conservation

Building Resilient Wildlife Economies

The way we do everything now has changed, including how we convene. The Business of Conservation Conference is back this year and it will not just be your regular conservation talkshop. BCC2021 will be interactive and engaging, allowing time to reconnect with all those that we have lost touch with over the past unusual year .

This year, BCC is different. It's about maintaining the momentum, it's about building connections to build the conservation sector forward better. It's about loosening your tie, rolling up your sleeves, kicking the high heels off and getting down to play, learn and connect. We guarantee that BCC Community Connect is not a talkshop. You will learn, you will play, you will build new professional relationships but you will also leave with inspiration and ideas to create a more resilient sector. The conference is guided by the question: how can we make the conservation sector more resilient?

It is more evident than ever that conservation needs to adopt more resilient and sustainable models that approach wildlife and habitats as a growth opportunity for African development. Understanding the importance of valuing wildlife and investing in it is discussed in our State of the Wildlife Economy in Africa Report. BCC 2021 will explore the nuances of the wildlife economy in Africa and the report provides the background to our discussion. The Report, or parts relevant to you, are recommended as a pre-read for the meeting and it is readily available below:

Who Should Attend?

This conference is for you if...

  • You’re passionate about conservation

  • You are willing to be creative and innovative

  • You want to make a difference in Africa

  • You're not afraid to challenge the status quo

  • You love sharing knowledge

  • You can learn and play at the same time
  • The following broad categories of people are specifically encouraged to participate:

    Top African CEOs

    Policy Makers

    Heads of State

    Global technologists




    Innovative conservationists

    Leaders of conservation businesses

    Academia and Research


    ...and more.

    Get ready to find innovative ways to solve the resilience challenge

    The Business of Conservation Conference (BCC) is an invitation-only inspiring, powerful convening of top leaders from a diverse array of sectors committed to reframing conservation as a growth sector by attracting top talent, applying financially sustainable models and creating enabling socio-political environments for increased investment in the sector.

    Meeting Objectives/Principles

    Focus on leadership/management:
    In Africa, where institutions are weak, leaders have much more power to effect change than in other parts of the world. Given this leverage, the BCC has the potential to be more impactful than convenings like Davos, Milken, etc. Tapping into almost 2 decades of experience developing world-class leaders.

    Strong application of business principles:
    To redefine nature as a great pillar of economic growth--for the benefit of Africans, conservation leaders must begin to apply business thinking to their projects/organizations and invent business models that leverage Africa’s unique competitive advantage--its biodiversity--to drive sustainable economic development in Africa. The BCC team will seek and showcase models that exemplify these principles.

    Make Conservation “sexy” to the mainstream and the next generation:
    Given the continent's demographics (the average age of an African is 19.5), conservation needs to become more relevant to youth and women. It needs to also become more relevant to governments, businesses, and communities. The conference will host younger, talented Africans; showcase more women in the sector; and spotlight wildlife-dependent businesses beyond tourism from across the continent . We need to change the narrative and engender new champions for conservation so that it is seen as attractive and important to the future of Africa and the world.

    Value to Participants

    Connect, connect, connect: Connect with different members of the conservation community and beyond and build solid relationships and partnerships.

    Expand your knowledge:
    Have a deeper understanding and appreciation of the state of the wildlife economy in Africa and the great opportunities there are for wildlife economies to contribute to local and national economies.

    Be inspired:
    Inspired by the work that is being done by different individuals within the conservation community.

    BCC2021 will have something for everyone including:

    Networking opportunities

    Investment opportunities

    Exposure to new innovative ideas in conservation from fellow attendees through formal and informal sessions

    Facilitated sessions for sharing best practices

    Safe, fun space to explore out-of-the-box ideas

    Cutting edge information about the wildlife economy, leadership, management, and business principles for the conservation sector

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