Camille Rebelo

Co-Founder & COO of EcoPlanet Bamboo

Camille Rebelo is the Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer of EcoPlanet Bamboo and has been responsible for the origination, implementation and management of the company’s operations to date, in Nicaragua, South Africa and Ghana, currently representing more than 35,000 acres. Through EcoPlanet Bamboo, Ms. Rebelo has been responsible for the development of global and local frameworks within which bamboo can be a positive tool for achieving landscape restoration, while reducing deforestation through the provision of a deforestation free fiber to major markets and industries. Ms. Rebelo has a background in innovative financing mechanisms for the conservation of natural forests, and prior to co-founding EcoPlanet Bamboo, she developed or managed forestry projects ranging from large scale commercial plantations through to smallholder operations in more than 20 countries across Latin America, Africa and Asia. Ms. Rebelo is an expert in forest certification, and through early involvement with the UNFCCC and voluntary carbon markets developed some of the first successful forest carbon markets globally. Ms. Rebelo sits on the Global Restoration Council, and has advised governments around the world on mechanisms towards successful forest landscape restoration.