Bachelors Degree (Hons) in Global Challenges (Conservation track)

BA Degree in Global Challenges with a concentration in Wildlife Conservation

The Global Challenges Degree

ALU’s Global Challenges degree program is an inter-disciplinary course of study designed to address specific challenges facing Africa. Through social inquiry, applied data analysis, and internships, students are empowered to be agents of change in their selected area of study.

The Global Challenges degree program begins with ALU’s signature ‘Leadership Core’ – a set of mandatory courses aimed at preparing all graduates with 21st-century, real world skills. In order to specialize in Wildlife Conservation studies, Global Challenge students declare their ‘mission’ related to conservation, after which they will take courses, engage in projects, shadow experts, and conduct relevant research with facilitation and support from the School of Wildlife Conservation.

All ALU students are encouraged to gain one year work experience through four 3-month internships in relevant or transferable fields of expertise. This may be a conservation organization, protected area management, tourism facility or corporate organisation with appropriate conservation stakeholder interest.

A Global Challenge degree specializing in Conservation ultimately culminates in a published ‘manifesto’, outlining how each student plans to impact wildlife conservation throughout their career.

How it Works

The ALU School of Wildlife Conservation weaves its content and expertise into the undergraduate degree program. Built on the philosophy of ‘missions not majors’, this program develops future African leaders with the explicit mission of conserving Africa’s natural wildlife ecosystem while balancing the interests of local communities and their economies.

Particular emphasis will be placed on identifying and recruiting students from communities near the most important protected areas and from the countries facing the gravest conservation challenges.


 To find out more about ALU’s undergraduate programs or to apply, please click here.

ALU Scholarship for Young Conservation Leaders

The ALU School of Wildlife Conservation is dedicated to developing ethical African leaders for conservation. We believe that by equipping Africa’s top talent with tools and real world experience they can shape the destiny of Africa’s natural heritage. The Scholarship for Young Conservation Leaders is aimed at empowering future leaders with a demonstrated passion for conservation–to pursue fully funded bachelor’s degrees at ALU Rwanda in any track of their choice within the Global Challenges degree. Beneficiaries will come from a diverse set of African countries in particular those with viable wildlife populations.

The scholarship includes full coverage of tuition for the degree, plus a living expenses/internship stipend of US $2000 per year. Conservation scholars benefit from unique access to seasoned conservation professionals through the Conservationist in Residence program, guest speakers and faculty. These professionals also provide mentorship and career guidance. The students also receive one-on-one guidance to design, drive and launch a conservation related mission. The school further assists students to secure internships in positions relevant to conservation.


  • Attend at least 6 “conservation talks” each term,
  • Attend all scheduled tutorial sessions
  • Take up at least two of their three internships with a conservation organization or department within an organization
  • Complete their capstone project on a conservation related area and
  • Work for a minimum of two years in a position relevant to conservation in Africa upon graduation

The scholarship committee selects scholars based on the following criteria

  • Leadership Potential: maximizing the opportunities of wildlife conservation will require courageous leadership therefore we seek young people who have demonstrated the potential to lead by actively participating in identifying and solving problems in their communities.
  • Demonstrated passion for the environment: the committee will be looking for candidates who are excited about the environment and have acted on that passion in practical and sustainable ways.
  • Commitment to dedicate all or large portions of their career to conservation: environmental conservation is a long-game, we are seeking young people with grit and vision to innovatively work through the challenges of managing Africa’s natural assets.

Application Timelines

Applications are open every year. Visit the ALU website for current applications timelines and start your application.