Our Wildlife Economy in Africa Report: Sneak peek at what you’ll find in the report

Living natural resources contribute to local, national, regional, and global economies, through tourism, forestry, hunting and fisheries, ecosystem services, and other wildlife economy activities. They also contribute to human health and wellbeing through the provision of clean air, potable water, and natural food. With growing human populations, developing economies, and the increasing demand for natural resources, it is ever more important to understand the significant contributions being made by wild resources and the importance of investing in these resources.

The wildlife economy offers a key growth opportunity for Africa given the comparative advantage of the wildlife economy in the African context as local livelihoods and macro-economies are heavily tied to, and reliant on, wildlife and other natural resources.

Given the importance of the wildlife economy to future sustainable growth and development in Africa, this is a topic that African policymakers, conservationists, communities and private investors alike should all be interested and investing, both capacity and finances, in.
The overall aim of the State of the Wildlife Economy in Africa report is, therefore, to illustrate the current and potential value of the wildlife economy to local and national economies and, through this, to encourage investment in this important economic sector.

The report is made up of 6 sections:
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Overview of the current state of the wildlife economy
Chapter 3:The Policy Context of the Wildlife Economy
Chapter 4: Country Case Studies
Chapter 5: Direction of the wildlife economy in Africa
Chapter 6: Enabling and Supportive Factors for Sustainable Successful Wildlife Economies


Click below for more detail on the different sections of the report. The full report will be published in early March 2021

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