Work @ SOWC

Dean - School of Wildlife Conservation

You will be responsible for building the School’s academic curriculum from infancy to become the leading program for conservation education on the continent. This will entail (i) strengthening the faculty team, (ii) working closely with the learning team to create a portfolio of rigorous and relevant undergraduate programs, MBA courses, manager training and research programs, and (iii) advising on the sales, marketing and operations strategy of the School – in close collaboration with the operations and project management team. You will be a key contributor to the School-related strategic projects and new initiatives, such as the organization of the Business of Conservation Conference, the continental growth model of middle-managers programs across Africa (ALX Xcelerator program).

School of Wildlife Conservation Faculty

You will join as a founding member of both our Global Challenges undergraduate program and our Conservation MBA program. Consequently, your role will involve a blend of design, facilitation, and administration of both programs. You will be responsible for designing parts of the curriculum, delivering and iterating on curriculum designed by others. Your day to day will include organising sessions, facilitating discussions, reviewing student assignments, advising and encouraging self-direction, and providing regular feedback based on clearly defined rubrics.


You will also work closely with the Head of the Global Challenges Program and our Director of Academics to constantly tweak and enhance the program and curate powerful learning experiences for our students. On a higher level, you will be involved in the co-creation of a vision and strategy for the program, setting up the path that will allow students to extend the skills they learned to the outside world as the future conservation leaders of the African Continent.

Conservation Fellows Program

Conservation Fellows will mentor and coach undergraduate students as they engage in self-designed learning experiences and projects in conservation. Conservation fellows will host office hours, seminars, and workshops. They will support our conservation students to seek internships, develop their final theses, and engage with experts in the field. The program’s flexibility will also allow Fellows to continue working on their research projects while they are at ALU (and can even engage ALU conservation students as research assistants).

Conservationist in Residence Program

Professionals in the Conservationist in Residence program will be able to mentor the next generation of African conservation leaders, lead workshops or seminars and coach the students. All this while having ample time, support and flexibility to conduct their own research/projects with access to ALU’s network and resources in the safe and inspiring city of Kigali. The only cost to the residents will be round trip plane tickets to Kigali, and extra travel/leisure expenses within East Africa.