The Team

Delvis Fortes

Research Assistant

Delvis Fortes holds an Undergraduate Degree in Marine Biology and Fisheries and a Postgraduate degree in Fisheries Policy and Management (2018-2019) from the University of United Nation in Iceland. He is currently enrolled in the MBA for Conservation Leaders programme with ALU School of Business and Conservation. Between 2007-2019, Delvis worked for the Fisheries Sector in Cabo Verde, from Research to Inspection and Administration. In 2019, Delvis moved to his first international experience, coordinating, at the Dakar office of Birdlife International, the Coastal Seabirds Conservation Project, which works to sustainably manage and preserve Seabirds and their habitats in Senegal, Guinea- Bissau and Mauritania, together with seven different partners. Delvis also worked for one year as an individual consultant for the Coastal Fisheries Initiative, a project Founded by GEF and implemented by FAO and partners, prior to an experience with Atlantic Technical University at Cabo Verde as well as project management with Biosfera 1, a Cap-Verdean NGO. He recently (2019) published the “Assessment of economic viability of the artisanal fisheries in Cabo Verde: recommendations for improvement”, as part of his Post-grad