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The world of conservation has grown in complexity. In addition to a firm conservation background, it’s leaders now need 21st century business skills to design and manage resilient businesses.

We have successfully graduated 57 Conservation MBA students over the past three years. These students are the next generation leaders that we will need to successfully and sustainably manage Africa’s unique natural assets for the social and economic growth of the continent. The original Conservation MBA combined the ALU School of Business MBA programme with complementary learning in conservation and leadership for full time working professionals. Learning from best practice across the world we are now developing a new Conservation MBA that will be relaunched at the beginning of 2023.  

Meet Some of our MBA for Conservation Leaders

Lara Dendy Young is a Co-Founder of Conservation Club, aimed to promote sustainable travel in Eastern and Southern Africa, based in Cape Town South Africa.

Charles Karangwa is the IUCN Regional Head of Land Systems and Rwanda Country Representative and co-founded FinScape a direct output of his MBA capstone project. 

Alina Peter is at the frontline of the Grumeti Fund | NPO’s anti-poaching battle in Tanzania. Working with a dedicated team of 100 highly trained anti-poaching scouts.

Hugues Akpona is a General Manager at W-Arly-Pendjari (WAP) African Parks Network.  He is currently a facilitator in our Pathway Leadership Training Programme

Rosebell Abwonji is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Maasai Mara Wildlife Conservancies Association. She leads effective and streamlined administrative systems, IT, HR, and physical infrastructure of the organization’s operations.

Delvis Fortes is a passionate Marine Biologist from Cape Verde with 13 years of work experience in the fisheries sector. Delvis holds an MSc in Fisheries Policy and ManagementHe is also currently consulting FAO’s CFI project.

Catherine Chumo is the Senior Information Officer at Africa Network for Animal Welfare. She generates information based on the work the organization carries out and then disburses it in different channels for the stakeholders.
Daniella Sachs is the founder of Know Your Tourist, an innovative startup helping businesses and conservation areas understand how to tailor their products to attract African tourists – and to get more Africans to fall in love with Africa.

An overview of our programme

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Benefits of the programme

Where did our leaders come from?

The Conservation Leaders Programme was designed for emerging leaders in sectors that impacted wildlife and natural landscapes and those who protect and support Africa’s natural capital. Our leaders came from sectors;



& Ranching

& Aquaculture

& Beverages


& Airports

& Roads


& Recreation

& Fresh Water

Student Testimonials

Alumni Stories

Delvis Fortes

Delvis Fortes The Marine Conservation Leader Over the past year, we have been committed to supporting conservation professionals from West Africa through the generous contribution of the MAVA Foundation. Delvis Fortes joined the MBA for Conservation Leaders Programme in 2020 via this scheme.

Lara Dendy Young

Lara Dendy Young I am Lara Dendy Young, Co-Founder of Conservation Club, based in Cape Town South Africa. As a sustainability enthusiast, my foremost career intention has always been to work in an environment where I am encouraged to engage with people and places that drive growth and long-term sustainability.

Daniella Sachs

A Leading Woman in Conservation. International Women’s History Month serves as both a time for celebration, as well as a crucial reminder of how far we have to go. In this month of March when we honour woman all over the world for their contribution to global development, we caught up with Daniella Sachs for a chat.

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The MBA programme is currently being reviewed for greater impact. If you want to be contacted when the programme is re-launched, please sign up here or reach out to