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Professional Development for Conservation at the School of Wildlife Conservation

About SOWC

The African Leadership University (ALU) School of Wildlife Conservation (SOWC) is Africa’s first specialized school dedicated to preparing and developing the next generation of world-class African leaders in the field of wildlife conservation. Our mission is to harness the economic and social opportunities wildlife conservation in Africa presents. Our unique approach encourages learners to develop sustainable business opportunities in this crucial field.

Our ultimate goal is to foster a new generation of African leaders who possess the skills, knowledge, and experience to drive positive change. Through our programs, we empower students to become agents of transformation in their communities and beyond. We provide them with the tools and opportunities to make a lasting impact on wildlife conservation and the sustainable development of Africa.

Professional Development
for Conservation Offer!


Join us at the ALU School of Wildlife Conservation and become part of a passionate and dedicated community committed to making a difference in the world of wildlife conservation and the sustainable management of natural resources. Together, we can create a future where African wildlife and wilderness areas thrive, and communities flourish.

Who is it for?

The SOWC offer is designed for individuals passionate about wildlife conservation and dedicated to making a positive impact. Our programs cater to a diverse range of learners, including:

Conservation Enthusiasts

If you have a deep love for wildlife and a desire to contribute to its preservation, our courses provide the knowledge and skills to turn your passion into action. Whether you are just starting your journey or seeking to deepen your understanding, our programs offer a comprehensive education in wildlife conservation.

Early Career Professionals

If you are embarking on a career in wildlife conservation or have recently entered the field, our courses can equip you with the necessary expertise to succeed. Our practical learning experiences, interdisciplinary approach, and industry-relevant skills development will enhance your capabilities and set you toward impactful conservation work.

Mid-Career Professionals

If you are already working in wildlife conservation and seeking to expand your knowledge, skills, and opportunities for career advancement, our courses can provide the necessary boost. Our specialized training, leadership development, and networking opportunities can help you take your career to the next level and significantly impact your current role or transition to new opportunities.

Conservation Practitioners

If you are actively engaged in conservation practice, our professional development programs offer targeted training to enhance your skills and address the specific challenges you encounter. From community engagement and conservation finance to policy advocacy and biodiversity management, our courses provide practical tools and strategies to support your work.

Organizations and Agencies

If you represent a conservation organization, government agency, or non for profit working in the field, our tailored programs can benefit your team. We offer customized training and capacity-building solutions to address your organization's unique needs and goals, empowering your staff to contribute effectively to conservation efforts.

Researchers and Academics

If you are involved in scientific research or academia related to wildlife conservation, our programs can complement your expertise and broaden your perspective. Our interdisciplinary approach, research-driven education, and collaborations with experts in the field can enhance your understanding and enable you to translate research findings into real-world conservation solutions.

At SOWC, we believe that diverse perspectives and experiences enrich the conservation field. Our courses welcome learners from various backgrounds, cultures, and professional disciplines, fostering a dynamic and inclusive learning environment.

Join us at the ALU School of Wildlife Conservation and embark on a transformative educational journey that will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and networks to become a leader in wildlife conservation. Together, we can make a difference and safeguard the natural heritage of Africa for future generations.

Benefits of the programme

Professional development at SOWC has numerous benefits for both individual practitioners and the organizations they work for.

About Professional Development for Conservation

Professional development is crucial for individuals and organizations operating across the rapidly evolving wildlife conservation and sustainability sectors of Africa. It plays a vital role in helping people and organizations keep up with the evolving challenges and opportunities, and equipping professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to drive impactful change. 

At the ALU School of Wildlife Conservation (SOWC), we recognize the significance of continuous learning and offer a framework for professional development that encompasses the following elements:

Lifelong Learning

In a rapidly changing world, professionals must embrace lifelong learning to stay relevant and adapt to new developments. Our framework encourages individuals to cultivate a growth mindset, constantly seeking new knowledge and skills to enhance their effectiveness and professional growth.

Specialized Training

Wildlife conservation and natural resource stewardship is a complex and multidisciplinary field that requires specialized and technical expertise. Our framework emphasizes the importance of targeted training programs focusing on specific areas of need within the conservation and sustainability sectors, such as conservation leadership and management, community-based conservation, conservation finance, and policy development. By offering specialized training, we ensure that professionals acquire the necessary skills to tackle the unique challenges they face in their roles without having to take a break from employment.

Leadership Development

Effective leadership is essential for driving positive change in wildlife conservation. Our framework incorporates leadership development as a critical component of professional development. We provide opportunities for professionals to enhance their leadership skills, including courses on ethical leadership, stakeholder engagement, and strategic decision-making. Professionals can inspire and mobilize others towards a shared conservation vision through leadership development.

Networking and Collaboration

Building a robust professional network is invaluable in wildlife conservation. Our framework promotes networking and collaboration among professionals through various means, such as conferences, workshops, and online platforms. We facilitate connections between conservation professionals, enabling them to exchange ideas, share best practices, and foster collaborations that lead to innovative solutions and collective action.

Research and Innovation

Research is the foundation of evidence-based conservation practices. Our framework encourages professionals to engage in research activities and stay updated on scientific advancements. By promoting research and innovation, we empower professionals to contribute to the knowledge base of wildlife conservation and drive positive change through evidence-based decision-making.

Mentorship and Coaching

Mentoring and coaching are invaluable resources for professional development. Our framework incorporates mentorship and coaching programs, connecting experienced conservation professionals with emerging leaders in the field. Through these relationships, mentees receive guidance, support, and valuable insights that accelerate their professional growth and help them navigate challenges effectively.



At the ALU School of Wildlife Conservation (SOWC), we believe that learning is a lifelong journey that should be engaging, challenging, and relevant to the real world. Our approach to education is rooted in the belief that every individual has unique talents, experiences, and perspectives that can contribute to their learning and growth.

Our Design and Development Approach


At SOWC, we believe in designing courses that are engaging, relevant, and meaningful for our learners. Our approach to course design is informed by research in education and feedback from our learners, faculty, and industry partners.

We begin by identifying clear learning outcomes that align with the knowledge, skills, and competencies required for success in selected areas of Conservation. These outcomes are the foundation for our course design, ensuring learners acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in their careers.

To create an engaging learning experience, we incorporate various instructional strategies catering to different learning styles. Our courses integrate interactive activities, discussions, group projects, case studies, and simulations to foster active participation and critical thinking. We also leverage technology to enhance learning, incorporating online platforms, multimedia resources, and virtual labs where appropriate.

Real-world relevance is paramount in our course design. We collaborate closely with industry partners to ensure that our courses and offers align with the job market’s needs and trends. This partnership allows us to integrate practical experiences, internships, and real-world projects into the curriculum, providing learners with opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills in authentic settings.

We recognize the importance of flexibility in accommodating the diverse needs of our student body. Our courses and offers are designed to be accessible through various formats, including online, on-campus, and hybrid options. We also offer part-time and full-time study options to accommodate our learners’ schedules, recognizing that many individuals pursue professional development while working or managing other commitments.

Continuous improvement is at the core of our approach. We regularly assess and evaluate our courses and offers, soliciting feedback from learners, faculty, and industry partners to ensure their ongoing relevance and effectiveness. This iterative process allows us to incorporate emerging best practices, integrate new technologies, and adapt our offerings to address evolving industry needs.

Our approach to design prioritizes engagement, relevance, and flexibility. We are dedicated to providing a high-quality, forward-thinking learning experience that equips our learners with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to excel in their professional development. By staying responsive to industry demands and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, we empower our learners to thrive in their careers and positively impact their respective fields.

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