Leading the


Effective Management for Marine Conservation and Biodiversity in Africa

Leadership, Governance and Management Essentials

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The world of marine conservation is complex, differs in important ways from terrestrial conservation and management skills are needed to transform the sector. These skills can be learned but are frequently not taught during the training of a conservationist.


If you have scientific training and want to move into management of a marine conservation organization in Africa, this course – Leading the Way: Effective Management for Marine Conservation and Biodiversity in Africa- is for you. Embark on a transformative journey that will equip you with the essential principles and skills to effectively lead and manage marine conservation and biodiversity teams, initiatives, programs, or projects in Africa. This comprehensive course equips marine conservation leaders and managers with practical knowledge and strategies to drive impactful change and achieve sustainable outcomes.

Why you should join this course?

Unlock Your Leadership Potential

Our leadership and management training is meticulously crafted to suit the unique demands of the African marine conservation sector. It equips you with the essential skills required to propel your career forward

Master the Art of Leadership

Learn the art of managing teams, leading with purpose and vision, and effectively setting and achieving strategic objectives. These are the skills that will steer African marine conservation toward a brighter future.

At the African Leadership University School of Wildlife Conservation, we’re dedicated to educating ethical and entrepreneurial leaders ready to tackle the unique challenges of conservation in Africa. Our leadership and management training is specifically designed for the African conservation sector and will provide you with the skills you need to advance your career. This course is focussed specifically on the marine sector which differs in many ways from the terrestrial conservation sector. Managing people, leading with vision and purpose, and setting and delivering on strategic goals are all essential skills for taking African marine conservation into the future. Find out more about SOWC here.

Course Highlights

Leadership, Governance, and Management Essentials

12-week online program with an optional 5-day in-person intensive session in an African location

Practical knowledge for impactful change

Ethical leadership and sustainability focus

Expert coaching and case studies

Who is it for: A community of conservation leaders: Open to management staff from all regions of Africa, government representatives, civil society leaders, and conservation enthusiasts.

Eligibility: 2 years work experience in the marine conservation sector, appropriate first degree or diploma level qualification

Prerequisites: Access to a laptop and the internet

Cost: $1950

Funding: Limited merit-based partial funding slots are available.

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