Our Programmes

Wildlife Economy Research

State of the Wildlife economy in Africa Report

The aim of our research is to gather data and information to illustrate the value of wildlife to economies and through this to encourage investment in this important economic asset. The research process will also highlight data gaps and encourage the collection of data related to wildlife economies in order to better understand the vast contribution of wildlife resources to national economies.

Undergraduate Programme

Developing the next generation of conservation leaders

We offer an individually tailored undergraduate program, a BA in Global Challenges with a specialization in conservation, to empower students to drive innovative solutions to Africa’s conservation challenges.

MBA for Conservation Leaders

Enhancing the management and leadership skills of rising conservation leaders

The MBA for Conservation Leaders combines world-class business education with cutting-edge training in leadership and conservation management. It prepares mid-career conservation leaders for the next stage of their careers.

The Business of Conservation Conference

Breaking down the silos in conservation

We convene a wide array of stakeholders to promote best practices, strengthen networks, and collectively tackle the challenges of conservation. The first of these was the 2018 BCC which hosted 300 leaders from conservation, ecotourism, politics, conservation philanthropy and investors. 

Executive Development

A suite of executive development courses on leadership in conservation

The School develops and delivers Executive Development courses to mid-career professionals designed to upskill or provide new skills in various areas that are critical to the business of conservation, as well as supply leadership training.  The programs also provide a platform for participants to expand their professional networks across the African continent and beyond, opening new opportunities for collaboration with conservation peers

Entrepreneurship in Conservation

Discovering and grooming the next generation of entrepreneurs in Conservation

We aim to discover and incubate new revenue models that do not depend on tourism, but still enable local communities within African countries to obtain their livelihoods from wildlife, manage their natural resources sustainably, and improve their collective wellbeing. Participants have the chance to win a place in the African Leadership University’s incubation programme and access to seed money.