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The Business of Conservation Conference (BCC) is an invitation-only inspiring, powerful convening of top leaders from all sectors

Africa’s unique biodiversity is one of its competitive advantages. Coupled with the right mindset, innovative ideas and sustainable models, it has the potential to become a pillar of Africa’s economic development.

The Business of Conservation Conference (BCC) is an invitation-only inspiring, powerful convening of top leaders from all sectors committed to reframing conservation as a growth sector by attracting top talent, applying financially sustainable models and creating enabling sociopolitical environments for increased investment in the sector. BCC is about cross-sectoral collaboration in tangible ways to boost Africa’s biodiversity as a pillar for sustainable economic development.

What makes it so special?

The most valuable aspect of a conference is the chance to network with influential people. Every attendee – famous or not – will be high calibre.

We encourage attendees and speakers to make “commitments” to conservation. The BCC team will track these commitments and show progress at future gatherings.

To enable relationship-building and collaboration to take place, the agenda leaves ample time for 1:1 meetings – scheduled or unscheduled.

The agenda features a lineup of diverse speakers and mind-blowing sessions.

Sessions are designed to serve as tangible, practical catalysts for collaboration.


Who is it for?

Top African


Heads of






Leaders of conservation businesses

and Research


and more...

See our 2018 - 2021 Agenda & Report

Meeting Objectives/Principles

Focus on leadership/management:

In Africa, where institutions are weak, leaders have much more power to effect change than in other parts of the world. Given this leverage, the BCC has the potential to be more impactful than convenings like Davos, Milken, etc. Tapping into almost 2 decades of experience developing world-class leaders.

Strong application of business principles:

To redefine nature as a great pillar of economic growth–for the benefit of Africans, conservation leaders must begin to apply business thinking to their projects/organizations and invent business models that leverage Africa’s unique competitive advantage–its biodiversity–to drive sustainable economic development in Africa. The BCC team will seek and showcase models that exemplify these principles.

Make Conservation “sexy” to the mainstream and the next generation:

Given the continent’s demographics (the average age of an African is 19.5), conservation needs to become more relevant to youth and women. It needs to also become more relevant to governments, businesses, and communities. The conference will host younger, talented Africans; showcase more women in the sector; and spotlight wildlife-dependent businesses beyond tourism from across the continent . We need to change the narrative and engender new champions for conservation so that it is seen as attractive and important to the future of Africa and the world.

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