Get Involved

Nominate a rising female conservationist.

Join us as we equip more passionate women for leadership roles in conservation through the MBA programme and scholarship

Recommend a young potential leader

with passion for conservation for our undergraduate programme and scholarship. Especially those from communities living in wildlife rich communities

Recommend an emerging leader

and conservation professional with potential to rise quickly into senior leadership for our MBA and middle manager programmes and scholarships

Host an intern:

Host an undergraduate intern from May – August each year and create leverage for your team

Attend the 2019 Conference.

Join us this year as we explore the immense opportunities for economic benefits to people and nature at the Business of Conservation Conference

Hire our world class talent:

Share your talent needs and let us find potential matches from our pool over 300 leaders across the African Leadership Group

Find solutions for organizational challenges.

Grappling with questions about your internal processes, expansion plans or marketing strategy? Let us convert them into learning opportunities for students learning to manage complex real life problems and solve them in a structured manner

Share or help create educational content

Contribute to our knowledge baskets with ready made content or invite us to write case studies on your conservation models.

Join us as a guest speaker.

Share your wealth of knowledge and experience with our undergraduate and professional students in or two day long engagements.

Become a Conservationist in Residence.

Spend 2 – 4 weeks with us in beautiful city of Kigali mentoring and teaching the next generation of conservation leaders while you reflect and catch up on research.

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how you would like

to get involved