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Circular Economy Research Expert

Elke is a circular economy expert that has a strong ambition to find circular solutions for Africa. Living and working in East Africa for multiple years, she acknowledges the great potential for circular economy practices in Africa to unlock the potential for business, youth, and the green planet. She specialized herself in applying her expertise and circular economy knowledge through consultancy work, project management & research in the East African region.  

Within ALU, Elke leads the circular economy research programme with the purpose of developing circular economy knowledge and solutions applicable to African countries.  Elke is a real circular economy pioneer by leading the first-ever academic research topic focusing on Africa for the circular economy, “Accelerating the Circular Economy Transition: Innovations and Development from Africa”, formulating the circular economy research & development agenda for Africa, launching the partnership between Ministry of Environment on the implementation of the National Action Plan for the Circular Economy and leading the circular economy research programme at ALU with 11 research projects in currently 4 different African countries. 

She strongly believes that circular economy research contributes to finding new pathways for economic development in Africa, and to educating students of today on the circular opportunities of tomorrow.