Research Assistant

Leigh-Ann is experienced within the wildlife economy, spending several years in higher education lecturing wildlife management students and developed strong ties within the organized wildlife industry. She now has various portfolios on boards within the sector, such as Eastern Cape Game Management Association (ECGMA), the Confederation of Hunters Associations South Africa (CHASA) and Wildlife Ranching South Africa – Eastern Cape (WRSA-EC). Her expertise has also linked her to the Sustainable Wildlife Economies Project(SWEP) as an industry advisor.

At the African Leadership University, Leigh-Ann will be part of the School of Wildlife Conservation team, as a research assistant. Leigh-Ann has competed her undergraduate studies in game ranch management, and post graduate studies in business management. She is currently completing her master’s in business administration at Nelson Mandela University, with a treatise titled market integration as a key enabling factor for small-scale farmers. She is a passionate participant within the wildlife economy, practicing many of her wildlife philosophies.