Laurenda Sinsin

Dr. Corine

Research Associate

Dr. Corine B. Laurenda Sinsin is a young female researcher from Benin Republic. After her undergraduate studies in agronomy and natural resources management (2013), she completed a Master of Sciences degree in climate change and education (2015); and later got her PhD in climate change, biodiversity, and ecosystem services (2021) at the University Felix Houphouët Boigny. Her PhD research work focused on the resilience of mangrove ecosystems to climate change in West Africa, considering the case study of Benin.

In addition to several prestigious grants and awards, Laurenda has cumulated 9 years of work and research experiences as of today.

Dr. Laurenda Sinsin is highly motivated in terms of conservation and the sustainable management of wildlife, which she believes requires sustainable entrepreneurship and provision of evidence-based strategies/actions to stakeholders. Indeed, her main research interest is in cross-cutting scientific issues in order to re-think and reorient biological resource conservation strategies and to promote entrepreneurship, in a context of a continuousl changing climate.