Dr. Louisa

Dean of Academics

Dr Louisa Richmond-Coggan is a conservation scientist with a Masters in Conservation Biology from the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology, University of Kent and a PhD from Nottingham Trent University which researched the variations in brown hyaena density and distribution across South Africa. Louisa has conducted large carnivore and human-wildlife conflict research in national parks, conservancies and private farmland across Eastern and Southern Africa. She has worked for international NGOs based in the UK and regional NGOs in Africa. After her PhD she was the Head of Ecology at the Cheetah Conservation Fund Namibia where she developed and managed projects covering topics such as community-based natural resource management, socio-economic development, human-wildlife conflict, rangeland management, livestock husbandry, biodiversity monitoring and citizen science initiatives. In 2017 Louisa created LRC Wildlife Conservation and undertook the National Leopard Census Project, Namibia as an independent ecological consultant working alongside a diverse group of stakeholders. The project took a multi-disciplinary approach by combining ecological methodologies and social science to understand the pressures on, and status of, the leopard population across Namibia.