About the Kenya Wildlife Economy Dialogues

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the conservation of wildlife and the livelihoods of rural communities across Kenya has been more severe than any previous economic, political, or health crisis. There is, thus, an urgent need to identify additional revenue streams for biodiversity conservation and rural communities. Diversifying the wildlife economy offers a strategic opportunity to build forward better.

In this context, ALU SOWC, in collaboration with the Wildlife Division at the UN Environment Programme, is hosting a series of stakeholder dialogues to support the development of a road map to diversify Kenya’s wildlife economy.

Stakeholder groups engaged include:

Public sector


Private sector


Development Partners

Each dialogue includes a background presentation on the wildlife economy in Kenya, including an overview of the Wildlife and Conservation Management Act, 2013 and the Sessional Paper No. 01 of 2020 on Wildlife Policy. Barriers to unlocking the wildlife economy, identified in a recent paper, are also highlighted. Breakout groups then discuss the barriers and challenges, followed by a plenary discussion. For each dialogue, which follows the Chatham House Rules, there is a Chair’s report:

SOWC is keen to bring this discussion
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